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High Manufacturing Technology about IZUMIO

Innovative technology that dissolves hydrogen~Membrane Dissolution Hydrogen-packed IZUMIO is manufactured with a cutting-edge technology: Membrane Dissolution.

IZUMIO Features
Aluminum film PackagingAluminum film Packaging

"Aluminum film packaging" prevents hydrogen leakage.

「IZUMIO」 is packed in a four-layer aluminum film package. To prevent foreign particles from entering the package, the whole injection process is carried out in a safe and sterile environment.

* Made of four overlapping layers of impermeable materials that prevent outside air from entering as well as hydrogen from leaking.

Degassing DeviceDegassing Device

"Degassing Device" removes oxygen from water
"Degassing" refers to the process during which oxygen is being removed from water.

The hollow fiber membrane is in a vacuum state. When water flows out, the oxygen in the water will be released through the pores of the hollow fiber membrane.
Air intake deviceAir intake device

The "air intake device" injects hydrogen into water (Membrane Dissolution).

After the surrounding area of the hollow fiber membrane is filled with hydrogen, the de-oxygenated water will be released through the membrane, and at once hydrogen will be absorbed through the pores engineered into the membrane and dissolved into water.

This Membrane Dissolution Technology is especially targeted toward medical treatment such as artificial lung planting.

To advantage the original taste of water, Water purification process has not been adopted.


Stringent Chemical Tests & Visual Tests

Various tests are being implemented following X-ray inspection*at each manufacturing stage. Visual test is implemented on water-leakage to block out any possible deficient product. Only products that have passed all inspection processes are packaged and put out for sale. X-ray Inspection has been adopted to confirm all impurities have been removed. X-ray inspection is carried out in conformity with relevant regulations of FOOD SANITATION ACT.


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